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The making of a yorkie/small dog mannequin

The making of a yorkie/small dog mannequin! This entire process of making a yorkie/small dog mannequin is very fascinating. I’m personally very familiar working with professional fashion design dress forms as we are both fashion designers. We have had custom women’s dress forms made & older forms recovered. So, I thought I knew where to[…]

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yellow designer dresses

Yellow designer dresses, shout out to fabulous yellow! A working freelance fashion designer’s view..:) I love yellow designer dresses for events & evening wear. Women who have a lil’ bit of an olive skin tone stand out & shine in this color. Yellow has been a favorite color of mine since forever and I used[…]

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Clone me for a new mannequin/dress form please!

Custom dress form/mannequin on order for our freelance fashion design company! Finally! Having our own dress form/mannequin custom made to our own personal measurements! This is very exciting for our freelance fashion design company. This Senior designer’s measurements are close to the editorial & e-commerce models we use. There I am being measured in a[…]

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How much does it cost to start a clothing line?

So you want to start a clothing line? How much does it cost? #1 question fashion start-ups want to know. Fees disclosed here by a working freelance fashion designer in NYC.  In this article, we will go over the costs to put together your apparel fashion collection. Here is a breakdown of the fees to[…]