January 20, 2016



Our freelance work has been photographed by the fashion press many times worldwide, written up in fashion blogs, and reported in numerous fashion editorials and featured in online entertainment websites.

Is it important to obtain? – Yes. Do you have to pay money for fashion press? – No.

It  does create a lot of positive momentum around your brand.

It also opens you up to opportunities that exist that you might not know about.

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A fashion industry press release is basically a release that is important to fashion, designers, textiles, manufacturing or any other fashion issue. A brief definition. A news release or press statement is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something claimed as having news value.

This can demonstrate credibility, increase SEO rankings and or build brand awareness.

There are a few ways to get contacts for fashion media.

In a actual paper magazine you will find info in the front that gives details of the journalists, how to advertise and a few contact details. There’s usually no point going straight to the editor of a fashion magazine. Use journalists that deal with similar product to yours and contact them. Sometimes you might be able to find a journalist name on the front panel or you could find their name next to a relevant article. Gather all the information you can on different publications, fashion journalists, blogs as well as email addresses, phone numbers etc. Keep these organized.

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